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CBD Basics Live Training with Robin McDonald, RPh, and Rylee Josipovich, Founder of Golden Bee Hemp

In this CBD basics training video, Rylee and Robin discuss why CBD can be beneficial, and what an “Endocannabinoid Deficiency” is.

They touch on some benefits of CBD, including anti-anxiety, immune system regulation, pain relief, sleep, and inflammation reduction.

They also discuss what to expect when starting CBD. With different Cannabinoids in all their products, Rylee goes into the difference between THC/CBD/CBG/CBN, and why each one can be beneficial.

Robin then shares information on CBD dosage for pets while referencing different studies, and explaining the benefits seen in the each study.

Rylee then dives into the carrier oil for the True Natural Oils & Natural Pet Oil Products: MCT oil. Rylee explains why Medium Chain triglycerides are beneficial for the bioavailability of CBD & for managing energy.

Safety & Dosing is then spoken about by both Robin and Rylee in terms of the best way to take CBD, pharmaceutical drug interactions, how CBD is metabolized in the body, toxicity, and other safety concerns.

At the end, Clint speaks on testing and the quality of our products. Watch our Part 2 for Question & Answers from our team-members!

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