About Our Team

Robin, Research & Product Development Specialist, Registered Pharmacist

Robin H. McDonald, RPh, is a registered pharmacist in Newport Beach, California. She received her B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, in 1991. She has enjoyed many facets of her career over the last 31 years. Including her retail pharmacy practice, she also has been an independent pharmacist, compounding pharmacist and a regional Pharmacy scheduler for a small retail pharmacy company in Birmingham, Alabama. Her interest in the health benefits of CBD oil was piqued when she encountered one of her patients in San Clemente, California during her time with retail pharmacy. This particular patient presented with angioma tumors within her brain which brought on seizure activity anytime there was an increase in cranial blood pressure. This patient was extremely excited about CBD oil and how it eliminated her seizure activity completely. It was from that point forward that Robin knew that the possibilities of health benefits were endless using CBD oil. This fact fired up her research and expansion of the clinical knowledge of CBD oil and how it responds to the particular CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. 

To this day, Robin has semi-retired from retail pharmacy practice which allows her to devote dedicated time to research and development into the expanding forefront of CBD oil and its benefits.  Robin is also dedicating research to a broad range of botanical benefits, including CBD, for skincare purposes.  Robin enjoys living in Newport Beach with her loving husband, Bill. 

Rylee, COO of True Natural Oils & Founder of Golden Bee Hemp

Rylee Josipovich dedicates her knowledge of Plant Medicine to the rising healing potential of CBD and other Cannabinoids. She received a Bachelors of Business Entrepreneurship from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She comes from a line of entrepreneurs, and is always focused on innovation in business, especially in plant medicine. She has a background in Herbalism, as well as cosmetics, which she has used to create CBD topicals under the line Golden Bee Hemp. Founded in 2016, Golden Bee Hemp has worked alongside True Natural Oils until becoming acquired by the company in 2021, becoming a larger part of Natural Oils Inc. Rylee donates her plant wisdom to writing CBD education under our blog, as well as Golden Bee Hemp’s blog.

She is also the host of our Podcast, “Let’s Talk About CBD” available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Golden Bee Hemp’s Pain Salve was developed by Rylee in 2016 during an especially painful time in her life. Rylee considers herself a healer, and developed this recipe through ancestral guidance. In 2021, she teamed up with Robin to bolster the line of products with the addition of an Extra Strength Pain Salve with 1000mg + Plant Terpenes for extra relief.

Rylee is a lifelong learner of the potential of plants in the Western World. She believes strongly that keeping plant wisdom alive in these modern times is a crucial aspect to healing.