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FAQ: Is CBD Effective Topically?

CBD topical application is considered the latest breakthrough in managing joint pain and inflammation. Together with its highly effective pain relieving properties, it possesses systemic absorption as well. ⁣

⁣CBD is absorbed through the skin where it binds to the body’s own CB2 receptors. Once it connects with these receptors, CBD has a pain relieving and anti- inflammatory effect on the body at the site of application.⁣

While CBD is popping up in many topical products, it’s not the only phyto-chemical within the cannabis plant to pay attention to. There are a lot of beneficial cannabinoids within cannabis, and our body has an entire system that regulates them. All of this comes into play when you slather the plant’s broad or full spectrum extracts on your skin.⁣ For example, THC has been shown to be 20 times more anti-inflammatory than aspirin and 2 times more anti-inflammatory than hydrocortisone.

The spectrum of cannabinoids work in concert more efficiently and effectively on these receptors than one on its own—hence it’s good to look for the whole plant’s extract infused with the plant’s helpful terpenes such as our True Natural Oils lotion or Golden Bee Hemp Pain Salve available here.

Topical CBD was also found effective in alleviating the symptoms of the following conditions: oxidative stress on dermal cells, skin conditions characterized by inflammation and keratin disorders, such as eczema or atopic dermatitis, wound healing, pain & muscle relief, itch (pruritis), Acne/Seborrhea, modulation of hair growth, skin & hair pigmentation, oral care, and other skin disorders such as antibiotic-resistant skin infections, cutaneous malignancies such as Melanoma, and Psoriatic Plaques.

In terms of Arthriits, one animal study from the European Journal of Pain reports CBD “significantly reduced” joint swelling/inflammation and pain from to arthritis when applied to skin. Additionally, CBD it is even being recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

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