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Robin’s Write Ups

Good afternoon my fellow CBD followers. It is now the beginning of March and it is no surprise that the circulation of continuing sickness and colds are still upon us even this time of year! Since I have been taking CBD oil on a regular basis, I would like to exclaim that I have not had any significant episodes of colds or sickness in the last two years!

  However, recently my husband came down with a cold while we were traveling this past New Year’s. Despite giving each of us extra doses of True Fusion 3000 mg, the rhinovirus won this time!  But, I have to declare we feel that the cold did not take hold of us to the degree that it would have had we not been treating ourselves with CBD oil.  The immunological support of CBD oil is remarkable!  CBD oil has an affinity for CB2 receptors that cause a signaling to the immunological components of our bodies. Supporting these components is, essentially, what keeps us well!  Even though I have very mild symptoms such as a couple of sneezes and a little tingling in my nose, I feel the symptoms are entirely suppressed by the continued dosage I’m giving myself of CBD oil. To equate my dosage for you, I am taking 300 to 400 mg at least twice a day if not three times a day.  Typically, I would take 300 mg twice a day. But I try to increase it if there is a presence of sickness.  I am going to do further research on reports in clinical format on this exact topic. I look forward to sharing the research with you!

 Hope you all have wonderful, cold- free, continuations of your new year!