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Robin’s Write Ups

Hello again and happy new year 2020. I trust your February is going well and continued wellness is flowing to you effortlessly!

I know how many of you understand that using CBD oil or lotion on your skin has many healing properties. It has been shown to improve acne, eczema, rashes, etc. My research also shows that it has many healing structural changes to the skin complex itself. Mainly through the mechanism of inflammation topically.

I want to share with you that I have recently used it on a bad burn from cooking during the holidays and it made a dramatic difference!

What happened is this,  I was reaching into a baking roaster oven to remove a beef roast. In doing so, the soft part of my forearm touched the edge of the 400° roaster oven. It left a 1 X 1.5 inch burn mark immediately! And hurt tremendously! I went in to the drawer to get my bottle of True Fusion 3000mg oil.  I put it directly on the burned area and it almost immediately removed the pain. Then, in the days to come, I placed the oil on the burn and left it open without a bandage. Eventually, it began to heal and did require bandaging. But my biggest point is that the CBD oil dramatically improved the healing of the burn and took away the pain!  Again, another testimony to the healing properties of this amazing oil!

I will also let you all in on a big secret! I am personally applying it under my eyes to determine whether it has an affect on wrinkles. This will be a personal ongoing study in which I am conducting on myself – one subject. I will be looking forward to relating the results to you in the weeks and months to come! Until next time, be well and enjoy every day to the fullest!