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Robin’s Write up

Hope everyone has  had a wonderful past month and experienced wellness and good health.

I have a terrific testimony to share with you. A story and experience a lady shared with me while we were sitting in the airport awaiting our next flight.  The motive of the topic was exclaiming that the flu was still raging in full force. And what worse than to be sitting in an airplane full of people. She had mentioned she was just coming back from a cross-country flight from the East Coast. While there, she was taking care of her mother who was in a nursing home. She explained she spent quite a bit of time in the nursing home.

The problem was the patients were All quarantined from an upper respiratory illness that was running rampant through the nursing home. Also, while there, she was battling the frigid temperatures and snowy conditions. She then told me that she was feeling as though she was coming down with The beginnings of an upper respiratory bronchial type of illness. She then shared with me that she had been taking CBD oil and all throughout this winter season it has kept her well. She went on to say that she was doubling her dose of CBD oil while she was feeling sick and it seemed to thwart the development of the bronchitis. 

I, of course, interjected my thoughts on the topic and told her she was absolutely correct! The immunological benefits of CBD oil to support the immune system through supporting the cells that fight infection are extraordinary. I told her that daily administration of CBD oil truly would keep away most illnesses. As for her story to me, the lady that I briefly encountered in the airport, just goes to prove that this incredible oil is maintaining wellness across the nation. It was wonderful to talk to her that day about this particular topic!