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CBD: Topical vs oral administration


“A common problem associated with ORAL transmucosal administration via the buccal route (in cheek or under tongue), is swallowing the dose due to the continuous secretion of saliva in the mouth. This contributes to decreased absorption of CBD in the body if not properly administered.  For optimal CBD delivery the buccal and sublingual gummies and Oils must remain in contact with oral mucosa for 60 – 90 seconds to allow for the absorption of the CBD. More specifically, the dosage form must not be washed away by saliva into the gastrointestinal tract. Most importantly the formulation of oils or gummies must be designed so that the cannabinoid is optimized in its transmucosal permeation. 


CBD topical application is considered the latest breakthrough in managing joint pain and inflammation. Together with its highly effective pain relieving properties, it possesses systemic absorption as well. CBD is absorbed through the skin where it binds to the body’s own CB2 receptors. Once it connects with these receptors, CBD has a pain relieving an anti- inflammatory effect on the body at the site of application.

Topical CBD was also found effective in alleviating the symptoms of the following conditions: seizures, spasticity, weakness, pain, anxiety, insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia, autism, ADD, peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia.

The best proven site for application is at the BACK OF THE NECK. This area is rich with Hundreds of thousands of free nerve endings below the skin surface. No other location has such a magnitude of afferent neural input accessible through skin nerve endings. This source of application of CBD is beneficial in treating symptoms of a number of pain-related conditions. Topical CBD therapy is overall well tolerated and provides effective relief. 

Dosing frequency of topical application range from once daily to three times daily depending on severity of condition. The duration of treatment with topical CBD range from several days to as needed. For chronic conditions such as neuropathy continued daily application therapy may be more necessary.