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006 CBN & CBD for better Sleep with True PM with Robin, Research & Product Development Specialist


If you are ready to feel well rested and relaxed, then this is the podcast for you!

Exploring CBN as the “Mother” or “Sleepy” Cannabinoid, we discuss how these natural substances can help calm the body and the mind and help us drift off peacefully into dreamland!

We expel myths about CBD “being addictive,” and explore how these natural supplements can help the body in many ways to bring the body back to balance & homeostasis!

Hormones, Menopause, Melatonin Production, Mood, Seasonal Depression or “SADD” are also discussed in relation to CBD/CBN and as benefits from our products!

Listen in to find out how CBD can help you navigate Stress, Calm, Focus, Anxiety, Mood & more!

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Article Robin was referencing:

“Therapeutic properties of multi-cannabinoid treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s disease

Frontiers in Neuroscience; Lausanne (Sep 2, 2022). DOI:10.3389/fnins.2022.962922”Coles, MadilynSteiner-Lim, Genevieve ZKarl,is  Tim.