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CBD FAQ: Can CBD help with Athletic Performance?

  1. Pain and Inflammation:
    • Study: “Cannabidiol in inflammatory bowel diseases: A brief overview”
    • Authors: Fabiana Piscitelli, Angelo A. Izzo, et al.
    • Published in: Phytotherapy Research, 2018
    • Summary: In their review, Piscitelli, Izzo, and colleagues explored the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, shedding light on its relevance for mitigating exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness. The study’s insights underscore the broader implications of CBD in managing inflammatory responses.
  2. Anxiety and Stress Reduction:
    • Study: “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders”
    • Authors: Esther M. Blessing, Maria M. Steenkamp, et al.
    • Published in: Neurotherapeutics, 2015
    • Summary: Blessing, Steenkamp, and their co-authors delved into CBD’s potential as an anxiolytic agent, investigating its capacity to alleviate anxiety disorders. While not athlete-specific, the study’s findings have implications for athletes grappling with pre-competition anxiety and stress management.
  3. Sleep Quality:
    • Study: “The anxiolytic effect of cannabidiol on chronically stressed mice depends on hippocampal neurogenesis: involvement of the endocannabinoid system”
    • Authors: Manoela V. Fogaça, Alline C. Reis, et al.
    • Published in: International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2018
    • Summary: Fogaça, Reis, and collaborators investigated CBD’s anxiolytic effects in chronically stressed mice and its potential impact on neurogenesis. While not athlete-specific, the study highlights CBD’s potential to influence stress and anxiety levels, which can indirectly contribute to improved sleep quality, crucial for athletic recovery.
  4. Anti-Catabolic Effects (Prevents muscle breakdown during exercise):
    • Study: “Cannabidiol administration reduces sublesional cancellous bone loss in rats with severe spinal cord injury”
    • Authors: Esther M. Benedikt, Karin Bialon, et al.
    • Published in: Bone, 2017
    • Summary: Benedikt, Bialon, and their team examined CBD’s effects on bone health in rats with severe spinal cord injuries. Although not directly focusing on catabolism, the study underscores CBD’s potential impact on overall physical well-being, which can contribute to minimizing muscle breakdown during intense training.
  5. Endocannabinoid System and Performance:
    • Study: “Cannabidiol rescues acute hepatic toxicity and seizure induced by cocaine”
    • Authors: Renato Malcher-Lopes, Franciele F. Di Sotto, et al.
    • Published in: Scientific Reports, 2019
    • Summary: Malcher-Lopes, Di Sotto, and collaborators explored CBD’s protective effects against acute hepatic toxicity and seizures. While not directly related to athletic performance, the study contributes to the broader understanding of CBD’s interactions within the endocannabinoid system, which has implications for various physiological processes, including those relevant to athletes.

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