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Relax and Revive

True Natural Oils wants to be there for people who are on the journey to achieve holistic wellness and balance. Our products are at the forefront of harnessing the power of plants to provide a completely clean and botanical tool to help everyone thrive throughout the day, and deliver your daily dose of nature.

Relax:  A calming blend of essential oils, cannabinoids and terpenes create a tranquil consistency throughout the course of your day.

Revive:  Uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes that bring a focused, creative energy, breathing new life into your routine.

Rest:  This fusion of essential oils, vitamins and terpenes includes melatonin to help achieve a new understanding of sweet dreams.

True Natural Oils’ oils are scientifically formulated, using a laboratory with deep expertise in conceiving and creating innovative, plant-based formulations. In order to ensure the highest quality products, our lab based in Orange County, CA, provides all-natural, curated blends of natural terpenes and essential oils, full-spectrum, pesticide free CBD.