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Episode 005 of “Let’s Talk About CBD”: CBD for Focus & Calm around the Holidays with Robin, RPh Research & Product Development Specialist


If you are ready to stay Focused, Calm, and On-Task during the Holiday Season, then this is the podcast for you!

Preparing the perfectly decorated Holiday home, planning the perfect menu for Thanksgiving dinner in which everyone’s dietary preferences are met, and checking off names from your Christmas gift shopping list, are some of the things swirling around in the head when it comes to juggling all that goes into Holdiay planning. 

And not to mention with the added pressure, anxiety, and mood swings of the time change / daylight savings! It can feel like one has attention deficit (ADD), or has less time to accomplish tasks, leaving one overwhelmed or intimidated by their to-do list!  

Staying calm in the face of a long to-do list, diminishing anxiety, orienting yourself in your own physical space, navigating seasonal depression, and completing tasks with more ease are all things that CBD helps with- and Robin explains why!

Listen in to find out how CBD can help you navigate this Holiday Season!

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Article Robin was referencing: 

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