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CBD for Dog Cancer: Supported by Clinical Studies

The use of CBD products for pets, namely dogs and cats, has been widely adopted for its benefits in aiding with inflammation, cancer, and the other health issues that arise from aging in animals.

The benefits of CBD in the “frosted faces” of our loved ones is easily noticeable, as many pets experience an increase of energy, a decrease of aggression, limp a little less, and overall experience better quality of life.

….at least these experiences are among the reviews we have gotten from our pet CBD products.

While clinic research is still lacking surrounding hemp products, there is always a constant trickling in of new studies that point to just how promising hemp is to health and wellness, including one that was just released called:

The effect of cannabidiol on canine neoplastic cell proliferation and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation during autophagy and apoptosis

(In layman terms, the effect of CBD (CannaBiDiol) on abnormal growths/ cancer and cell death and recyclying)

“The objectives of our study were to explore the anti-proliferative and cell death response associated with in vitro treatment of canine cancer cell lines with CBD alone and combination with common chemotherapeutics, as well as investigation into major proliferative pathways”

….”In conclusion, CBD is effective at hindering cell proliferation and induction of autophagy and apoptosis rapidly across neoplastic cell lines and further clinical trials are needed to understand its efficacy and interactions with traditional chemotherapy.”

While there still remains much to be discovered surrounding hemp products, there is no denying the real-life first hand experiences of those touting the benefits of CBD. Furthermore, with frequent scientific studies such as this one showing the promise of Hemp, and the lack of side effects of Hemp, the question of “what is there to lose?” is proposed in the face of battling cancer.

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