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CBD for Arthritis: CBD Now Being Recommended by Arthritis Foundation!

In terms of Arthritis, one animal study from the European Journal of Pain reports CBD “significantly reduced” joint swelling/inflammation and pain from to arthritis when applied to skin. Additionally, CBD it is even being recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

Our True Fusion Ingestible tincture was formulated by our Research & Product Development Specialist (also a pharmacist), Robin, specifically for her own Arthritis pain. If you are considering supplementing internally with CBD like she does daily for her chronic pain, I would take a look at that product for daily maintenance. Also take a look at the numerous reviews about how our lab-tested formula have helped with Arthritis Pain. CBD has definitely changed the quality of life for Robin & many others!

in 2000, there was a study published by The Kennedy Center of Rheumatology titled, “The Nonpsychoactive Cannabis Constituent Cannabidiol is an Cral Anti-arthritic Therapeutic in Murine Collagen-induced Arthritis”. The study ends by summarizing, “all of this suggests that CBD may be valuable in the treatment of other chronic inflammatory diseases as well.”

What’s even better, this study also reports that “prolonged treatment with CBD does not induce tolerance, a phenomenon often observed by cannabinoids”. This means that in contrast to many Pharmaceuticals, you will not develop a tolerance, or a reduction in efficacy as you use Cannabinoids in the treatment of your ailments.

Topical CBD was also found effective in alleviating the symptoms of the following conditions: oxidative stress on dermal cells, skin conditions characterized by inflammation and keratin disorders, such as eczema or atopic dermatitis, wound healing, pain & muscle relief, itch (pruritis), Acne/Seborrhea, modulation of hair growth, skin & hair pigmentation, oral care, and other skin disorders such as antibiotic-resistant skin infections, cutaneous malignancies such as Melanoma, and Psoriatic Plaques.

Don’t keep living with your joint pain! Consider our Lab-Tested True Fusion CBD Oil for the amazing reviews on relief from Arthritis pain that we have received so far:

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