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Superior Purity, Transparency, and Sustainability. 

Introducing a custom-crafted CBD experience, True Natural Oils launches a line of highly potent, full spectrum CBD tinctures blended with natural ingredients, key adaptogens, and beneficial terpenes that enhance sleep, Calm, relaxation, focus, and more. Made with humans, pets, and the planet in mind, each True Natural Oils CBD tincture promises superior purity, transparency, and sustainability. 

With an estimated 14 percent of Americans now using CBD, True Natural Oils is proud of our class of CBD products on the market. True Fusion offers high-potency full spectrum CBD; also our company is among the first to answer consumers’ call for greater transparency within the industry. Each bottle of True Natural Oils products is equipped with a scannable QR code that unlocks full visibility into the tincture’s lab results, including its CBD potency and terpene content.