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Athletes to Amateurs

One population that is actively choosing to use CBD, and seemingly embracing it, is athletes. From elite and professional athletes to amateurs, many are turning to CBD to help their bodies recover. Many report anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxing and stress-reducing effects of CBD consumption, as well as the muscle and pain relaxing effects of topical CBD creams. Because CBD can have all of these benefits with seemingly little to no side effects, it has become a popular option for many athletes.

Many athletes pop an ibuprofen or other NSAID pre- and post-exercise, but these have been shown to block many of the body’s natural responses to exercise. CBD does not block the body’s inflammatory pathways, like NSAID drugs, but simply lowers or regulates it without any side effects that come with the chronic consumption of traditional pain relievers. Athletes have been reported to overuse NSAID drugs, so the potential of CBD for treatment of common ailments, without the negative side effects and hazardous physiological implications, has real promise.

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