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007 CBD for Dementia & Alzheimer’s with Cathi Wilcox and Robin McDonald, RPh


Cathi’s Mom was diagnosed with Dementia (Alzheimer’s) shortly before her husband died, which exacerbated her condition from the trauma and extreme stress of losing her beloved spouse. Luckily, her daughter, Cathi, was able to recommend True Natural Oils CBD based upon the success she had seen from giving Natural Pet Oil CBD to her dogs, and for her own PTSD, anxiety, and sleep.

Her mom has seen a massive boost in cognition, mood, pain, memory, and stress management due to taking our entry level formula “Wellness” (59.99+ 10% off first order with discount code: “letstalkaboutcbd”). 

Cathi speaks on how True Natural Oils has boosted her own quality of life, as well as her mom’s, pet’s, and husband’s.

Nurses at her mom’s hospice care center have also taken note of the benefits True Natural Oils has made, and are now recommending it to their patients and their families.

For clinical evidence of CBD’s therapeutic properties for Neuroinflammation in Dementia, read our blog post here.

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