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Assistance in sleep and reducing anxiety

We at NATURAL OILS, INC. are in the process of developing products which contain CBN for the assistance in sleep and reducing anxiety.  With careful research and much excitement of bringing you the best and newly emerging product, we are confident our oral spray will be the finest on the market. 

We have knowledge of a global team that is the first US cannabis company to successfully isolate cannabinol (CBN) from a full spectrum hemp extract. The proprietary process to isolate CBN from full spectrum hemp extract produces an oil that produces high amounts of CBN and zero THC.

Cannabinol or “CBN” as it is known, is a highly sought after cannabinoid known for its potential health benefits on sleep, stress, and pain. CBN is produced naturally from the degradation of THC and is naturally present in high amounts in several varieties of industrial hemp grown under certain conditions.