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Summertime and Sunshine and Sunburn! SuS

Summertime and Sunshine and Sunburn!

Welcome back to everyone!  I trust you all are getting out and enjoying your summer as much as the pandemic is allowing!   Gathering with friends, picnicking in a park or simply being in the fresh air in the backyard for the afternoon all can be so delightful. 

As beaches and pools re-open for exercise I see many people extending their time out in the warm sun.  Many of us are diligent in spraying on our trusty sunscreen.  Unfortunately, some are in a rush to get out of the house to begin enjoying the day!  If perhaps the latter is you and you are suffering with a painful sunburn, stay tuned!  I have good information for you!

As I have talked about in the past, CBD has so many calming and nourishing properties for our skin.  Anything from muscular aches to topical burns to preventing wrinkles; CBD has may uses.  And, as this time of year, sunburn is at the top of skin related concerns. 

Our True Natural Oils products contain the plant’s natural full spectrum of cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes and chlorophyll – a whole plant profile that gives the products powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. These functional CBD lotions and oils are preferred by customers with problem or irritated skin, sunburn and minor aches and are good for skin conditions, scars, normal inflammation, redness and discomfort.

On a personal note, this 4th of July lent my husband and I to enjoy being out on the water with friends for the entire afternoon.  My husband, in the aforementioned paragraph, was in the “latter” group and neglected his sunscreen.  His face was painfully sunburnt.  I am thankful to report that applying a soothing layer of our True Fusion Oil to his face relaxed the pain, inflammation and took away the burning.  The next day he awoke without the tight, sunburned feeling.  Again, another wonderful application of our terrific product.  I am so pleased about all of the many benefits of CBD and I continue to be excited to share them with you.  

Until next time, please stay healthy and well, enjoy the summer and take good care!

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Robin’s Write Ups

Hello True Natural Oils followers and Welcome to the first week in May 2020!  The supposed time of year when we’re enjoying the warmer air, meeting friends for weekend BBQ’s and perhaps looking for our favorite places to soak up the renewed sunshine.

This year has brought us challenges toward all of the pleasures listed above.  We have been squelched by authorities, based on science and data, regarding meeting with friends and soaking up the sunshine. Many of us are mandated to work at home.  Some of us have lost our jobs or have been furloughed.  These changes in our lives pattern most probably could  produce stress.  Please allow me to talk today about the effects of CBD oil and how it relieves stress.  Let’s begin by looking at this excerpt from the article:

“Should CBD become a part of your wellness routine in these troubling times?”

Drayer, Lisa. CNN Wire Service; Atlanta [Atlanta]20 Apr 2020.

“Anxiety relief in the time of Covid-19″

“Indeed, a more recent survey looking at consumer attitudes and behavior during Covid-19’s enforced “social distancing” revealed that people have been turning to cannabis and CBD as a way to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, among the general population, 10% are using cannabis, and 5% are using CBD.

Just last week, researchers warned of a rise of anxiety and “coping responses” during the pandemic, and called for better monitoring of mental health as part of the global response to the pandemic.

People living with coronavirus-related anxiety due to fear of one’s health or the health of loved ones, isolation, entrapment from quarantining, a disrupted routine, or simply uncertainty of the future might turn to CBD as a useful tool to get them through this difficult time. Of course, the trauma of health care workers on the front lines is another aspect of the pandemic calling for anxiety and pain relief, where CBD may be a welcome lifestyle intervention.

“Health-care workers [who] are working long shifts are finding CBD helpful for restorative sleep and on their days off using it for pain and inflammation — from being on their feet all day, [and having] low back pain and neck pain,” Chin said in an email.

“CBD can also help with panic attacks and insomnia as the prevalence of depression and PTSD mounts in response to this pandemic,” Chin added.

Studies have also revealed that CBD may be a compound of choice for those struggling with drug addiction, and it may even have the potential to help opioid addicts avoid a relapse through reducing craving and anxiety, according to study author Dr. Yasmin Hurd, a neuroscientist at the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai (AIMS) in New York.”

**I do feel it necessary to express my opposition in using cannabis sativa or indica for stress relief.   A much discussed topic of how CBD does NOT contain any psychoactive THC components is worth rementioning for purposes here.   

So, my friends, with this evidence available for us all to see, please feel confident in your choice to use True Natural Oils CBD for a multitude of reasons.  Along with so many bits of information in the news and media we are given each day to enforce negativity, please embrace using our wonderful products to support your wellness, well-being  and your self-health.  Please allow us to help you walk along a better path to health! 

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Robin’s Write Ups

 As we approach this Holy week in April, 2020, none of us imagined what we would be currently facing in our communities. I trust and pray that all of you are well, healthy and staying at home during this shelter in place mandate. 

It is the perfect time to tell you, once again, about a wonderful testimony of the immunologic supportive properties of CBD. As many of you know, I still work as a retail pharmacist. I have been called in for many shifts lately and have encountered COVID-19 positive patients. 

My health and overall emotional level has been so elevated through this adversity.  With the extra stress of working during this time, I feel very supported and grateful for feeling well.  

My regimen in taking our Fusion 3000mg product is even more rigid. I am taking three droppers full, held under the tongue for 60 seconds, twice a day. I make sure that I have my dose before leaving for work and, of course, at night before bed.  I find that I am resting well and feeling very motivated through the trying times. Now, in addition to taking Fusion, I will tell you that I am practicing all measures of keeping myself and my husband safe.  Upon returning home, I immediately wash all of my clothes that were worn inside the pharmacy and jump directly in the shower!  I certainly am taking every precaution to being a good example of good health practices.

This Easter we all join together in the sadness of not being able to gather with our family and loved ones. Please let us all be committed to social distancing and flattening the curve of this dreadful virus. Also, let us remember the story of Easter and Jesus’ sacrifice. May God shower you with blessings, love, and peace this Easter.  I wish you and your family continued Wellness until next time.